Sports Analytics

After 100+ stadiums – many of which are highly unique – and over 1,000,000 seats, we have built a robust system for generating customized stadium visualization templates and data. Our system is a mix of automatic generation and manual alteration. Our automated process allows us to input data that is common to all stadiums (map, manifest) and generate a base data set. From that data, we are then able to manually inspect and adjust the coordinates to ensure the quality of the data as well as the overall aesthetics. Once a stadium is completed, then any changes, updates, fixes, or event layout adjustments are ready for quick turnarounds. Our system is compatible with various file types and data quality: PDFs, DWGs, JPGs, Excel, or even text files.

The high number of seats per stadium can be staggering. Based on the uniqueness of a stadium’s layout and seat count, the time to calculate and validate the points can be highly variable. As no stadiums are the same, we’ve found that, while some stadiums are quick and painless, there are some which can take up to 5 times longer than the average stadium. Although we try to keep the output coordinates similar to the provided maps, there are times where it is necessary to space them out accordingly. For example, stadiums where different floor level sections hang over each other.

The deliverables are intended to be as simple and flexible as possible. This allows organizations to improve the usefulness of the tools they already have without having to license another suite. It also ensures that verifying data integrity is easy, loading is fast, and optimizing the data is efficient. In addition, the simplified deliverables are portable, so that they are easy to quickly send and integrate with different systems.

We set up a simple data standard, that way there is consistent data integrity between all organizations. Before we begin on the bulk of the stadiums, we’ll discuss prototype templates to generate alongside the core deliverables. For example, we generate a Tableau workbook which has the seating data embedded and includes premade worksheets showing unique seats, and row and section breakdowns for each stadium generated.

One of our company’s main focuses is on ensuring customer satisfaction. If there are any issues, we guarantee we will resolve them at our own cost as we have with current and past clients. Quality assurance is our goal, so we thoroughly verify all seats. After we have delivered all of the stadiums, we will continue to provide any additional maintenance that is requested to ensure your continued satisfaction. We stand by what we deliver.

You will have high priority from our organization and you will have direct contact with the project lead and system architect with a 24hr response time. Our team has technical expertise in various database systems, programming languages, and analytics software and is able to provide ancillary support in setting up or recommending technical strategies. We understand teams are continually improving their analytics departments. As such, we have added to our system the ability to generate premade templates alongside the deliverables.

What we deliver has no strings attached. We commit our decades of Knowledge Management experience with the DoD to focus on increasing the benefits of the resource they already have. We provide all of the data generated in full transparency. Since we have strong experience working with the DoD, security is always on our mind. As such, organizations have felt secure in sending us non-public marketing materials/images. We also ensure that what we create is not redistributed without consent and that the data is stored securely.

The generated files can be customized in various ways

  • Labelled/Colorized – for sections, rows, seats, blocks, tiers
  • Coordinates – Seat center x/y; Seat/Row/Section shape/polygon points
  • File types – can be output in txt, csv, svg, jpg, png, xml, json, pdf, or any standardized file type if requested
  • Sample templates – Tableau, SAP Lumira (BusinessObjects), Excel, etc base files can be generated to integrate the deliverables

Some of our past clients include:


Spurs Stadium

Hornets Stadium