Custom SharePoint Solutions
PTP Specializes in turnkey solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. This brief demonstration will show several capabilities that we have developed for both in house and commercial use.

Business Intelligence
You can transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for analytical purposes. BI can handle unmanageable amounts of unstructured data so you can identify, develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities. BI allows for the easy understanding of big data. BI gives you the power to know, and the power to know is the power to win. PTP proudly consults using Tableau.

Collaboration Made Easy
Make collaboration amongst you and your coworkers a simple process. Sometimes the problem is dependent on finding the right people in your organization without having to spend a lot of time tracking them down. Avoid having to hunt people down in your organization, as you can now quickly get the answers and information you need to make the right decisions. The information and answers that you need are available to you whether your organization is small, large or even international.

Search your Organization
Find information across your organization with a search engine, just like you would as if you were searching on the internet. You can find the information you are looking for through a personalized search, whether you are looking for documents, videos, or people in your organization. This solution will allow you to save time as you only need to search in one place to find what you are looking for.

Content Portal
Create a knowledge management portal so that content can be organized efficiently and effectively. This will allow you to find what you are looking for right away. You can also decide what you want to share, and with who you want to have it shared with. This can include employees, partners and even customers tailored to your organization’s need.

Visualize Your Data
How important is your data to you? Gain valuable visualization of your data so that you can make the right decisions for your organization. You can simply combine large amounts of data from many sources to create and display your data. This solution will allow you to create sensational dashboards that you can share across your organization and others if need be.

Dashboard Solutions
Visualize and share your dashboards you create across your organization with anyone that needs access. You can create dashboards to show data from any angle at different levels of granularity if specified. Allow your organization to easily visualize data in order to make great decisions.

Discovery, Retention & Archiving
Is your organization trying to make sense of compliance regulations that deal with discovery, retention and archiving? This solution can make compliance a simple and straightforward process so that you can comply with any rules, laws and regulations for your organization’s needs.

Creating, Managing, & Preserving Data
Do you have a process for creating, managing, and preserving your critical data within you organization? We can automate your processes for managing, protecting, and preserving critical data and also ensure that this data remains protected through retention scheduling in order to manage the life cycle of your organization’s digital assets.

Automate IT Support
Expedite IT support by using an automated process to gather and assign ticket requests, automatically send notifications, and keep track of progress, so that you won’t ever have to be placed on hold again. This will allow you to submit help-desk tickets to get help faster and find the answers to common problems sooner.

Simplify Project Management
In every organization it is important for project managers and people to stay on track of a project. Automate your project management and timeline experience by tracking projects through an interactive timeline, which allows you to condense your project into steps, assigned tasks to people in order to effectively track the time it takes to get done. You can ensure your project success in your organization by assigning people tasks that can be tracked and prioritized.

USPACFLT Dashboard Demo
Dashboard video demonstration of custom built dashboard for Federal Government Customer.